Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagojamess FTW!

Ok, so clearly I've been doing a crap job of posting to World's Best Burger. I think once the Romney campaign died, so did my will to blog. After all, now that I have the president I wanted, who will I mercilessly make fun of in 2009. 

Anyway, Blogojevich is a possibility (you know, I'm not sure if I spelled that right, and I don't care).

What kind of dumb ass -- accused of trying to sell a Senate seat -- then goes on to appoint someone to that Senate seat. Regardless of how great the guy appointed is, the whole thing is tainted. Mother Theresa would be tainted by a Blogojappointment

I'm going to say taint again: taint. taint. taint. taint. It's a terrible word, and the best one out there to describe this situation. 

Good luck getting this appointment through the Senate confirmation process. 
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