Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten Reasons

The first of many Slideshows leading up to the election. I'll pick some that a right, some that are funny, and some that are just oh-so-wrong. Enjoy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Torres: The Update

Last week, an elusive comment popped up on the original Joe Torres post,which was written in the old-timey days of March 2007.

Some background: Our pal Shannan (who, perhaps even before we met face-to-face, was already sensing the depths of my laziness) did some legwork and found two listings for Joe Torres and left them in a comment soon after the original post.

Flash forward to now. Someone, inevitably searching the web for info on the Joe Torres rumor landed on that post last week. Comment below:

I called Joe, the one on S Bilbray Ave and it was him, sound just like him when he was on TV. He is alive and well. He didnt really want to talk and I dont blame him because I could tell he was wierded out. Seems like a nice guy. Hope this answers your questions.

Now, we can analyze this a few ways. One, we could take it at face value, and assume that some enterprising person rang Joe up to see what's up. Imagined conversation: "So, no kidney failure, eh? Been to the Golden Nugget lately?" In which case, very cool, and thank you for taking the final step to sussing out Joe's whereabouts.

OR! We could look a little further. I wanted to see if we could source exactly where the anonymous comment came from. WBB's chief of research and blog analytics said that such a thing did not appear to be possible through our analytics program; however, she did note that we had four visits from Arizona in the last month--including one from Tucson and one from nearby Cartoro.

So, here's my question. Joe, is that you? Are you out there? WBB would love to have the exclusive interview.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hang Tight, Cowboys. And Cowgirls. Cow People?

An exciting Joe Torres-related update to come. Hopefully tomorrow, when I have the time and energy to string a couple of sentences together in a pleasing sort of way.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whoever coined the word "VeepStakes" should be shot. I've heard enough.

That is all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Wilco break

Happy Saturday everyone! I thought we should take a quick moment to pay homange to the musical love of my life -- Jeff Tweedy.

Thanks to Greg for this find.

You can say that again!

This is from Washington Whispers on the US News & World Report site. Yeah, we at WBB agree with whomever created these posters.

Doesn't his hair look perfect? Clearly, the right choice.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mad Men Fashion

So by now you know I'm batty about "Mad Men." As much as I enjoy the writing and the acting, I have to say at least half of my enjoyment comes from the stylistic touches--the decorating, the furniture, and, of course, the fashion.

Today, I was checking out a piece on Jezebel, which features the writer's favorite looks from this week's episode. Which, of course, made me want to immediately buy some Mad Men-inspired styles of my own.

I did a quick bit of research, and found out that Michael Kors' fall ready-to-wear line is at least partially inspired by "Mad Men." (My favorite outfit from the line is the dress featured in the pic above. Not quite as wild about the pastel fur-collared coat.) Unfortunately, dresses in that line regularly clock in at around two grand, and my definition of a major splurge for clothes is usually limited at a few hundred dollars (and that's a pretty big splurge for me). So, I'm going to be keeping my eye out at Banana and The Limited, on the sale racks at Anthropologie (and, if the fashion gods are on my side, H&M) to see if I can get the look for less.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh Olympics

Don't know about you guys, but I've been abnormally obsessed with the Olympics. I don't think I paid attention at all last time.

Don't expect me to be the most productive blogger for a while. I have to weigh blogging about McCain's advertising, the Edwards affair, or some other political scandal -- or watching hot, talented male swimmers.

Swimmers win.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The things I watch

I don't watch much TV. That's why I'd be a poor choice for the pop culture side of you WBB dynamic blogging duo. However, I watch weird things when I'm traveling for business. For instance, last night, I watched Gossip Girl. And while Loree may burn me at the stake for what I'm about to type, I have to say it.

That's one hour of my life I'll never get back. I'm a little dumber than I was yesterday at this time.

Can anyone explain the fascination with this show to me?
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