Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lost's End Game

Losties like myself know that the show’s producers announced an end date for the series this week. The show now has 48 episodes to go—three more seasons with 16 episodes each.

It’s an interesting decision to make, especially for the network execs, who likely care less about creative satisfaction and more about money-making possibilities. But for the past couple of TV seasons, I’ve kind of been thinking that this sort of approach might make sense for more series down the road. Shows like Friday Night Lights (which is excellent, by the way), for example, will have to introduce compelling new characters or follow the current high school juniors and seniors into college in the next two years, which will disrupt the show’s current—and very cool—formula one way or another. Unfortunately, viewers don’t seem to be willing to suspend disbelief watch characters go through their fifth senior year anymore.

And take, for example, The Nine: It started off strong this season but got canceled midway through because of the complexities of creating a long-running show based off of one event—in this case, a bank robbery. If the show had been presented as a one- or two-season deal, it would have been more workable, plot-wise, and more viewers might have tuned in.

So, I don’t know, it’s just a thought. In other TV news, my much-loved Veronica Mars is still on the brink of being canceled, but apparently Rob Thomas’ presentation of a totally new 4th season concept—which starts four years down the road with Veronica as an FBI agent—has been very well-received by CW execs. Veronica, there may be hope for you yet!


Brenner said...

Remember "Murder One," or was that before your time?

ShannanB said...

I liked the nine but it did pack too much in too fast.

I was sad to learn about the end date. I read over on Pop Candy (USA Today blog) that the series has not performed well this season with regards to ratings but as a loyal Lost viewer I have to disagree. This has been the best season yet. I am on the edge of my sofa the entire hour.

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