Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fund for Everything Fund

So, I have stuff I want to get done... stuff that requires money. I hate money. Sometimes I wish we could go back to a time based on bartering, but then I remember I have no skills that can produce anything worth bartering. So, to acquire this elusive money I've decided to get secondary employment specifically geared toward the following:
  1. Fixing my fireplace before next winter for warmth and a nice boost to my home's value.
  2. Paying down my evil, evil, evil credit cards--what I call the "DC Debt."
  3. Buying patio furniture for my porch. (This is definitely the immediate short term goal.)
  4. And shopping... shopping... shopping. My shoe collection is getting a bit tired.
So these goals are all well and good, right? I mean, they aren't all stupid and shallow... a girl NEEDS shoes! So, today I sucked it up and decided to look for some "help wanted" signs at various retail establishments. I learned some important things.

First and foremost, working in a shoe store would be a bad, bad idea. I barely made it out of DSW without multiple pairs of shoes. There were some kitten heeled gold peeptoes that were awesome, and some tall strappy red heels, and a pair of really cute canvas olive green flats... sigh. I would only be able to accomplish goal #4 if I worked there. My second learning was that I'd have to be very very careful to choose a location to work where I wouldn't be the oldest employee by about 7 years. That cut out a number of the clothing places. I have a feeling it's going to be a long search.

Really, I just want a job that has a social element that I can work 10-15 hours a week. I'm not looking for anything lavish or high paying, but sheesh, it's not as easy as I thought. Maybe I'm just too picky. I guess I'll lose the pickiness soon enough if I see my goals going down the tubes.


Loree said...

Might I suggest a high-end jewelry store? You'd be surprised how much trouble I stayed out of at Michelson's, because even with the discount, I couldn't afford anything! I think, in the four years I worked there, I bought maaaybe three pieces of jewelry. Plus, a lot of the people there will be your age and older because it can be a career job.

I liked working at Barnes & Noble, too, but I felt really freaking old there.

Robert said...

Might I suggest saving some booze money? The whole reason Loree finally sold me on Cincy is that she promised you'd be my drinking buddy.

ShannanB said...

What about Bartending??? I could see if I could get you on at stinks?

Melissa said...

My suggestion...JoBeth. You won't feel as old there as you would at B&N, most likely, since they tend to have more folks who make the store their career. And I know the manager at the Cincy store; he was my boss in Lex, and is a good guy.

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