Monday, April 23, 2007

If I had a million dollars

I have a plan if I win one of those insanely insane powerball jackpots. You know, the ones that include so many millions of dollars that you immediately have to change your name and relocate to another country to avoid being stalked for cash by every person within 150 square miles.

After I change my name and relocate to some exotic Caribbean location, I will visit the world's best restaurants one by one. Yep, that's it. $225 per person -- no problem.

I'm especially intrigued by The Fat Duck in London, which has menu items described like this:

"This is the place that does bacon-and-egg ice cream, snail porridge and sardine-on-toast sorbet. So you can safely say you’ve never had a meal like it."

Yeah, that just sounds bizarre and horrible, but that doesn't matter! They were THE best in 2005, bacon-and-egg ice cream and all... I must go. We can just hope they do bread and cheese well. Bread and cheese make the world go round.

So now that you know what I'd do with my millions, what would you do with yours?


Greg said...

I'd buy a k-car (a nice reliant automobile).

And I wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner anymore.

Anonymous said...

Justin and I actually had this conversation the other night. He wants to buy a newspaper and get Lasik surgery for his eyes. I want a pair of red high heels, a Cupcake Courier, a new wheelbarrow, and after this weekend, tickets to any (or all) Soul Asylum concerts I can find. As you can see, one of us has more ambitious goals than the other.

emily said...

Sorry, I got distracted by work and accidentially left my comment as "anonymous." I really don't care who knows that I want a Cupcake Courier and still love Dave Pirner.

Sean said...

I would buy Loree her own Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

Loree said...

Well, since Sean's getting me my very own CEC, I'll have plenty of other stuff to do with MY millions.

Such as:
-Buy the contents of an entire Anthropologie
-Buy a second home (before I buy my first)
-Eat at Le Bernardin in NYC
-Get needless hair treatmens
-Try Creme de La Mer
-Fund the construction of a nameless big-box store in Paducah. The store will be have to be built on the property of my sixth grade teacher's house so I can completely and totally disrupt her life under the guise of "eminent domain."

I really don't like my sixth-grade teacher. She was mean, mean, mean.

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