Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The things I watch

I don't watch much TV. That's why I'd be a poor choice for the pop culture side of you WBB dynamic blogging duo. However, I watch weird things when I'm traveling for business. For instance, last night, I watched Gossip Girl. And while Loree may burn me at the stake for what I'm about to type, I have to say it.

That's one hour of my life I'll never get back. I'm a little dumber than I was yesterday at this time.

Can anyone explain the fascination with this show to me?


Loree said...

Laura, meet Guilty Pleasure Television. Guilty Pleasure Television, meet Laura.

No one spends an hour watching a show like Gossip Girl or The Hills to leave feeling anything resembling intellectually fulfilled.

I just enjoy reveling in this slickly-produced, totally unbelievable show purporting to show the lives of Upper East Side private school students. It's hilariously soapy.

"I'm Chuck Bass."

brenner said...

At the risk of disagreeing with a future attorney, I side with Laura on this. I admit I sneaked a few peeks last season, but that show mostly makes me angry. Why watch people be that mean and terrible to each other, when we already have real life? Although Chuck Bass was sort of cool in the season finale.

Loree said...

Alas, it looks like I'm one of the few Gossip Girl fans.

But! The fashion is great, the soundtrack is fun, and I don't know... I just dig it.

Off to read the EW review of Traveling Pants 2 now...

Greg said...

I dig the narration myself.

And Chuck Bass' dad is the smartass priest and Denis Leary's brother on Rescue Me.

It's definitely a guilty pleasure for me.

brenner said...

I have a feeling Loree digs the narration, er, narrator, too.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I wasn't paying enough attention. I don't get this "Chuck Bass" reference.

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