Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Torres: The Update

Last week, an elusive comment popped up on the original Joe Torres post,which was written in the old-timey days of March 2007.

Some background: Our pal Shannan (who, perhaps even before we met face-to-face, was already sensing the depths of my laziness) did some legwork and found two listings for Joe Torres and left them in a comment soon after the original post.

Flash forward to now. Someone, inevitably searching the web for info on the Joe Torres rumor landed on that post last week. Comment below:

I called Joe, the one on S Bilbray Ave and it was him, sound just like him when he was on TV. He is alive and well. He didnt really want to talk and I dont blame him because I could tell he was wierded out. Seems like a nice guy. Hope this answers your questions.

Now, we can analyze this a few ways. One, we could take it at face value, and assume that some enterprising person rang Joe up to see what's up. Imagined conversation: "So, no kidney failure, eh? Been to the Golden Nugget lately?" In which case, very cool, and thank you for taking the final step to sussing out Joe's whereabouts.

OR! We could look a little further. I wanted to see if we could source exactly where the anonymous comment came from. WBB's chief of research and blog analytics said that such a thing did not appear to be possible through our analytics program; however, she did note that we had four visits from Arizona in the last month--including one from Tucson and one from nearby Cartoro.

So, here's my question. Joe, is that you? Are you out there? WBB would love to have the exclusive interview.


ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

OMG. If you get an exclusive interview with him you better let me sit in on the conference call!!! Please!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's him. Joe, can you hear us? Joe?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone just called the numbers? Woudn't *67 work?

Maybe I'll have to give it a try.

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