Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On spending and saving

This is my very first WBB post (kind of a dream come true for me), so please be gentle.

Two quick consumerism-ish thoughts for you:

1) This seems like as inane a way as any to waste about $177 thou. If you ever see me shelling out six figures for something that doesn't have a doorbell, four tires or a lido deck, please feel free to slap me on the head with a fish - it doesn't even have to be a tuna.

2) I've figured out a great way to save money on a Weber grill. Follow these instructions and see if they work for you:
  • Go to your nearest Home Depot and proceed directly to the "special services" counter.
  • Get in line behind a 70-year-old dude who keeps changing his mind about how many 50-pound bags of sand he wants to buy. And then talks it over with his wife. And changes his mind some more. For like 35 minutes.
  • Have a young woman stand in line behind you. Be sure she's in a rush so that when the 70-year-old dude takes 35 minutes to order his sand, the woman asks to speak with a store manager and then - when the store manager decides not to come to her rescue - she yells that Home Depot has lost her business! and storms out of the store.
  • Proceed to the counter and smile politely as the clerk - without prompting - offers you a 10 percent discount on your grill and accessories as a thank-you for your patience. (On Weber's entry-level propane grill, that's about a $40 savings.)
  • Order the grill and request Home Depot's free grill assembly service. Plan to pick up the assembled grill the next day.
  • Show up the next day and find out that the grill has not been assembled.
  • Smile politely as the clerk - again without prompting - offers to refund another $20 to your credit card for the inconvenience. And then, for some reason, actually refunds $21.95.
Six simple steps and more than $60 in savings. Think of it as my new year's gift to you.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I am going to put this plan into action tonight.

ZenMom said...

I always knew you were a diabolical genius. This just proves it.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I need to visit Home Depot more often.

bugs said...

that's hilarious!
(and totally frustrating, but maybe worth it?!)

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