Monday, June 4, 2007

R. Kelly...

...may be one of the sketchiest men alive, but four years after it was released, the remix to Ignition is still super catchy.


Anonymous said...

Do you rock out to some Ignition remix this weekend or something?

ShannanB said...

He is SOOOOO Creepy. Let's us not forget about his famous hip-opera Trapped in the Closet

Here I am quickly trying to put on my clothes
Searching for my car keys trying to get on up out the door
Then she stretched her hands in front of me
Said “you can’t go this way”
Looked at her like she was crazy
Said “woman move out my way”
I Said “I got a wife at home”
She said “please don’t go out there”
“Lady I’ve got to get home”
She said her husband was coming from the stairs
“?? quiet, hurry up and get in the closet”
She said “don’t you make a sound or some ____ is going down
I Said “why don’t I just go out the window”
“yes, except for one thing, we’re on the 5th floor”
Think, think… “quick put me in the closet”

Loree said...

So, I'm guessing Shannan's giving neither a "toot toot" nor a "beep beep."

It's amazing what a dj at a wedding reception can remind you that you like and hate.

Like: Ignition (remix)
Hate: Cha-Cha Slide

ShannanB said...

lol. You are a hoot hoot!

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