Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer TV

I like warm weather and a little less stress at work, so I should probably be more excited about summer. But every year, I'm always a little disappointed when June rolls around because my normally packed TV schedule is wiped clean. As a person who has spent the last few years scheduling my life around my favorite television shows, I get pretty bored during hiatus.

To fill the void, I do a couple of things. One, I set my TiVo to record reruns of shows I missed or didn't check out during their regular run (although many of those have been displaced by original summer programming and reality shows).

I also TiVo reruns of good old standbys that play in reruns all year long, but that I typically miss because my TV schedule is jam-packed. My summer viewing schedule is pretty Law & Order heavy, obviously. Without A Trace is a good one, too, and nothing beats The Golden Girls. I'm also kind of ashamed to admit a burgeoing interest in Charmed.

This year, I'm excited to add Murder, She Wrote to my summer viewing. I used to watch MSW when I was young with my mom, and then as a teenager when reruns played on The USA Network. Now, the Hallmark Channel has been playing loads of Murder, She Wrote reruns, and the show's 12-year run means that it'll be awhile before I see them all. Now, I just need to get a network to start playing Quantum Leap and I'll be set.


Brenner said...

Is Golden Girls just taking the place of the late great Gilmore Girls? Please tell me it is.
Otherwise, with Golden Girls and MSW on your list, I'm wondering if you really were born in, oh, the 1930s.

Loree said...

I may be an old soul, but I heart Bea Arthur.

It'd also be cool if I could find The Commish somewhere on reruns. Just saying.

Brenner said...

Bea = sassy.

ShannanB said...

Hey Estelle,
How old are you again? Sounds like you also might want to set your recorder for Perry Mason.... My mother-in-law watches these same shows if you are looking for someone to talk with about them!lol

Greg said...

Somehow, somewhere, a station is showing reruns of this.

Always remember, if Rockford is entering his oceanside abode alone, there is always someone waiting.

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