Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Your tax dollars at work: The 'gay bomb'

Ok, so if you haven't heard about the most absurd piece of news floating around today, you are seriously missing out. It turns out that the Pentagon was developing a gay bomb. The purpose of this bomb is simple: cause enemy soldiers to be so sexually attracted to each other their ranks and effectiveness crumble.

Clearly there are still some idiots in government that really do think gays in the military will cause chaos, mass hysteria, and wild orgies on the battle field.

I'm sure we could make a list of at least 2 million less absurd ways to use time and money. Shall we start compiling it? I'll start:

How about Pringles that have super energizing powers and can make soldiers regenerate body parts?

Or, how about a hover craft and some rocket shoes?

Or, how about some body armor and decent protection -- if we're going to get serious.


Loree said...

You had me at hover craft.

Brenner said...

How about a cannon that shoots all of the ingredients for a giant ice cream sundae, in order, into a huge bowl? That would be tasty. Who can fight when there's ice cream?

Loree said...

It's true. Ice cream is the universal uniter.

Brenner said...

It unites all of the lactose-tolerant people, anyway.

Loree said...

Oh, whatevs. Take one of your damn pills.

ShannanB said...

Blew me away that this was real and not a farce. It really is appalling.

Fred Thompson never would stand for such a thing!

Brenner said...

Fred Thompson should probably take one of those pills, too.

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