Thursday, March 6, 2008

This news makes me happy!

I heart Friday Night Lights, and if Hollywood insider/blogger Nikki Finke is right, it's coming back! Although I'm not sure how I feel about this NBC/DirecTV deal. If it airs only on DirecTV, I'm kind of screwed, but it sounds like NBC will also be distributing it some form. Hopefully more details and an official confirmation from NBC will soon follow.

Also, I'm obviously in a bloggy mood.


Greg said...

Everything is looking up:
FNL is coming back!
How I Met Your Mother is returning a week from Monday!
And The Office will be having new episodes soon!

I'm interested to see where next season picks up...if it's going to start right after the last episode or if there's going to be some kind of fast-forward scenario.

brenner said...

Damn. I wish I'd used the phrase "bloggy mood" first. That's niiice.

(Crossing my fingers and hoping this posts once and only once...)

Greg said...

A couple of ways to celebrate the return of FNL:

1. Go eat at Applebee's.

2. Start skipping Wednesdays (like Riggins does).

Loree said...

As the wise Landry once said, What Would Riggins Do?

Greg said...

I do hope that the whole Riggins pining after Lyla thing comes to an end soon. I'm sure they are going to wind up together, but Riggins going after one woman doesn't fit into his renegade profile. The scene at the pool in this season's opener where he is on the float with two women is more Riggins bein' Riggins.

The dude that plays Lyla's boyfriend needs employment anyway, so keep him on the show. The role that religion plays in west Texas needs a place on the show, anyway.

I do hope that it's distributed in a way where I don't have to change providers...but if this is the excuse I need to go dish, I might have to do it. I'm kind of figuring it's a deal where Direct TV might get first dibs on some things, like getting episodes on demand before everybody else gets to see them.

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