Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeah, Happy Monday

Another day, another story about a poor person who returns an ass-ton of cash. As you may remember, I was in a curmudgeonly mood at the start of the new year and blogged about a similar story.

Well, I'm no less curmudgeonly today, I guess. A refresher course for why these stories piss me off: To be delighted at this story, we have to embrace the notion that the majority of those less fortunate A) have a less strict moral code than the rest of us, thus making them more predisposed to running off with someone else's money, and B) are more likely to be dumbasses that pocket thousands upon thousands of dollars without a thought to when someone will come looking for it.

Yes, I'm happy the woman returned the money. It's clearly the right thing to do. And it's great that she got a cash reward for her efforts. But let's not insult her by saying that it's "newsworthy" that she didn't turn to a life of crime when presented with the option.

If I were the God of All Media, here's the story I'd pump out for the masses to see: A service piece on why skittish old people should start getting more comfortable with banks. Because having $30,000 hanging out in envelopes is not a good idea.

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brenner said...

Huh? I thought you already were the God of All Media.

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