Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of touch, coming back

Ok, Ok, I'll admit that I'm a blogging slacker and that WBB has seriously been neglected... but I have an excuse, I swear! I just moved from the great state of Kentucky across the river to Cincinnati and it's been a royal time sucker.

Leaving Kentucky was tragic, so I plan to tell my future children how their father ripped us violently from the motherland to cut a few minutes off his commute. I also plan to tell them stories whenever it rains about how the sun always shines on the Kentucky side of the river. And, if we're in Kentucky and it's raining, I'll explain that it's because God is crying because someone in Ohio did something stupid.... This is what I think will be cool about having kids.

Anyway, the cable man has yet to set up our Internet access, so I'm like a lonely island, unable to blog, unable to email, unable to connect with the world. Today I couldn't take it anymore and ventured to the local Starbucks for some much needed online time. I had no idea how addicted I was.

So, the Internet should be back tomorrow, so expect me to be in full force by the weekend.


brenner said...

Good kid-rearing strategy!
Welcome back and congrats (?) on the move.

ShannanB said...

It hurts so much that you crossed over to Ohio. Maybe someday you can return to the promise land....

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