Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More thoughts on the new "90210"...

So, I caught last night's episode of "90210" and I'm still digging it. Still not up to the status of appointment television, necessarily, but pretty good. Of course, the healthy dose of a Kelly Taylor storyline, complete with Drunk! Mean! Mom!, was helpful. (Interesting sidenote: The actress that plays Kelly's mom had to take a brief break from her day job at the pulpit to come back and play Sloshy McBoozerton.)

The teens are still a little enh. The lead actress is all right, but a little too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for me. And it's hard to watch the guy who plays her bro, Tristan Wilds, do anything this soap-lite after his superb performance as Michael in "The Wire."

Also, I kind of expect the teen set to be engaging in a bit more, uh, debauchery. I mean, we're two episodes in, and all we've dealt with is some cheating (at least it's among both the kids AND the adults) and one flimsy drug problem (but it's just the annoying theater girl, so I'm not really invested her struggle). More drama! More turmoil! More reasons for parents to not want teens to watch, please! Don't these kids have tons o' money at their disposal? Surely they can get in more trouble than this.

Also, where was Boozy Grandma last night? Jessica Walters is the best (see any episode of "Arrested Development" for reference), and I hope the show uses her to their full advantage.


brenner said...

This is way off point, but I clicked the link to that blurb about McBoozy's day job (because, why wouldn't I?). And the photo caption is odd -- instead of identifying the three women left to right, they name them in this order: left, right, then center. WTF?
These are the things that keep me up at night.

Anonymous said...

I knew I recognized the brother. This is definitely quite the change of pace.

Also, I think you've been watching too much Gossip Girl. Expectations for debauchery are far too high.

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