Friday, September 5, 2008

What I love about Sarah Palin

You guys are probably flipping out by the headline right now, aren't you? Don't fret. What I want to say is that I love how people are digging up every last bit of dirt on the GOP VP nominee because she's so unknown. She doesn't have the benefit of having some of her past indiscretions being "old news". So, after the jump, you'll find a round up of some of my favorite facts -- non-facts -- and blog posts that have come up about good ol' Sarah Palin in the last couple days.

1. Sarah attended four colleges in six years, in Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii.
2. Oprah wants nothing to do with her until AFTER the election. Go Oprah!
3. Palin is being investigated in Alaska for an improper firing -- booting the public safety commissioner because he wouldn't fire her sister's ex-husband.
4. I saw a tweet that referred to Sarah Palin as a VPILF.
5. This article from slate is a great summary of why Sarah Palin is a big government hypocrite -- and why maybe I should consider a move to Alaska.
Snopes is even in on the action, verifying a letter from a resident of her hometown.
7. Apparently Todd Palin's business partner has filed an emergency application to have his divorce sealed. Hmmmm. Suspicious, maybe?
8. Here's a really interesting blog post about how Sarah Palin's right to deliver her child when and where she wanted to comes from the same rights that make abortion legal.
9. Great commentary from Jezebel on why so many normal women have such an immediate and terrible reaction to Sarah Palin.
10. And here's a great piece from one of my favorite Cincinnati-based bloggers, Amy in Ohio.

I'm not going to go into any of the Bristol's pregnancy, is Trig really Sarah's child, or any other conspiracy related to Sarah Palin's children. That's just too tacky. I'm pretty tired of seeing that sort of coverage, in part, because it makes a terrible choice for vice president somewhat sympathetic. And, a women who takes her designation as Sarah Barracuda so seriously (see #6), doesn't need any sympathy.

Man, Mitt Romney would have been so much more fun of a choice. I would have had three posts making fun of his hair done by now.


USpace said...

She's a GILF for sure. I bet Oprah will alienate some women fans of hers. They will be even more open to checking out Palin. Oprah doesn't want Palin on her show because she is afraid Palin might sway some of her viewers away from Obama. Oprah is afraid of hurting Obama's chances, she knows he has a tough fight with Palin on the ticket.

Too be fair though, she had Obama on before he was running, when his books came out. To have Palin on now that she's running would mean Oprah would really have to have Obama on now too. But then she probably would be accused of breaking some campaign finance laws or something.
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Greg said...

We, as a country, should unite and vote for McCain-Palin. What other reason do we need ... they are both mavericks. Once elected, they are both going to Baghdad with Steven Seagal and reenacting Under Siege.

Candy said...

Hey: Isn't it also crazy that everyone is focusing on her looks so much? I'm a spa crazed gal too, and a little embarrassed to say former pageant girl, but so she used what she had. Anyhow, I've got some fun facts about her spa and beauty regime at my blog if you wanna check it out. BTW, totally non partisan ; )

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