Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Foreclosing on the vote

Don't know if you've heard about the Michigan GOP's attempt to disenfranchise voters in Macomb County who are on a foreclosure list, but it makes me certain that any party that would fight to eliminate voters -- their rights, their duty as American citizens -- will never, ever receive my vote. Period.

In fact, every day, as I hear more lies, exaggeration, tired arguments, and evil attack ads, I think -- what will I do if this party wins the presidency again? I seriously don't know. This situation boggles my mind.

I've been pondering a move to Canada -- I joke, but only slightly, because Jon and I have discussed migrating to Vancouver before. We've discussed it, not to escape the jacked politics or financial turmoil here, but because it seems like a cool place in proximity to lots of biking, hiking and skiing. But now, the fact that it's not here in the United States is becoming more and more appealing.

Besides, if I move to Vancouver, LUSH beauty products will be a local product, and I don't have to feel guilty about loving them deeply because they'll only be shipped across town and not across the country. Remember -- I have that pesky commitment to reducing my carbon footprint. Local products always win.

Annnnnnnnyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaay, I digress. This tactic is wrong, designed to specifically target African-American voters who traditionally vote democrat.

This campaign season has gotten so ugly that learning the words to "Oh Canada" doesn't seem like a bad idea. A girl has to practice the potential new country's anthem to see if it's a fit.


Anonymous said...

A few things to consider before you buy some mucklucks:

The article you linked throws some smoke in the direction of race, but Macomb County is 89 percent white.

And the GOP might have some reason to be concerned about questionable voters, given that ACORN - a group Obama famously worked with as a community organizer and which endorsed him - is under investigation in Ohio, Michigan and other states for questionable registration practices, including registering multiple voters at the same address as well as the same voter at multiple addresses.





Obama and the folks running his campaign do come from Chicago, the city that made "Vote Early, Vote Often" a household phrase.

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from the state that practically invented "Vote early, Vote often" as a way of doing business. The way to prevent multiple votes is not to disenfranchise a whole group of people at once.

Obama being endorsed by a group accused of questionable registration practices is no reason to support any group denying anyone the right to vote, regardless of background.

Loree said...

Dude, now I feel like I might have offended your enviro-loving sensibilities by buying you a Lush gift.

Leah said...

I would encourage everyone who is interested in learning the FACTS about voter suppression to check out the following:


Despite what "anonymous" says above, the actual incidence of people voting when they aren't eligible is almost non-existent. This is a political move to create longer lines and discourage people from voting. Period. And I agree with Laura - any party that would actively promote such efforts - have have a blogger PR initiative to promote it - should be ashamed of itself.

Mel said...

All I'll do on here is vouch for the awesome-ness of Vancouver. If you & Jon move there, Ross & I will be coming to visit very often!

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