Friday, November 16, 2007

Post Debate Comments

How many of you watched the CNN debate last night featuring all of our hopefuls from the Democratic Party? If not, you can download the entire debate here. Well, I did, and in case you haven't formed opinions about the roster of options, I'm going to share mine with you:
  1. Joe Biden: Wack job.
  2. Bill Richardson: Thoughtful... and cuddly even. I think he's way up on the list for likability.
  3. Chris Dodd: Speaks amazing Spanish. I just wish I knew what his Spanish-language rant was about during the debate. Otherwise, a more intelligent sounding wack job.
  4. John Edwards: I'm sorry, I just think he's such a sleazy douche bag. I started getting so irritated with him. I wanted to scream at the screen.
  5. Dennis Kucinich: He brought me joy. There was a point in the debate where he was talking about how half the people on stage supported the war and now are against it, supported the Patriot Act and now are against it, supported free and open trade with China and now are questioning it. He was the only one to be against it all from the start, so he said (and this is an approximate quote): "America is ready for a President that gets it right the first time."
  6. Barack Obama: I was looking for a lot more from him. He's on my "to watch" list. I feel pretty good about him, but I'm not sold. I thought he spent too much time floundering around. He came off as inexperienced next to Hillary, which seems to be the chief complaint against him anyway. I'm not counting him out though.
  7. Hillary Clinton: What can I say? I thought she was polished, confident and intelligent in all of her responses. She comes of as the most authoritative person on the stage. I would feel good about her being my representative to the rest of the world. I still have a minor ick factor about her, probably because she seems so calculated... the extreme opposite of what appears to be naivete on Barack's part.
The point here. I haven't made a decision yet. If it was based on performance last night, I swear I'd vote Kucinich. No joke.

There's a GOP debate on Nov. 28. I can't wait to turn in and see my L&O boy Freddy Fred take on the big dogs.


Mommy Bits said...

I have to say that I am really liking Hillary Clinton. I can't put my finger on it but I def. like her confidence and I find her to both likeable and believable.

Melissa said...

What can I do to bring you to the Obama side, Laura? I heard him speak here in c'ville about a month ago, and he was AMAZING. While I didn't watch the debate, I think he's really what we need right now. He's just so different, and I think that's a good thing right now. I'll quite being a political pitch-woman now :)

Mommy Bits said...

Speaking of politics, this mom blog brings up a good point about pricing and political fundraisers:

i'd be interested to hear your opinions. While I understand that they are trying to raise campaign funds, it seems to me they are alienating a large contingent of possible supporters.

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