Monday, November 5, 2007

This is creepy

Thank you random gmail link! This is just bizarre.

Have I mentioned that I'm intrigued by how Googzilla chooses these stories for me? Anyone know?


Brenner said...

Sounds like the plot of a TV show Loree would watch on Oxygen!

There was a crazy story in the Chicago Tribune a year or so ago about two young women who looked a little like each other and were in a bad bus crash. I think one of them died, but her family stayed at the bedside of the other girl, and the parents of the girl who lived thought all along that their daughter had died.

Can't find it now, but this story reminded me. Good times!

Brenner said...

Here's USA Today's coverage of the story I mentioned, with photos:

Anonymous said...

That's crazy, and totally a plot line in some show Loree has watched or will watch in the near future.

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