Sunday, November 11, 2007

WGA On Strike

Long time no blog.

My current obsession: The WGA strike. It’s probably no shock that I’m pro-writer and pro-union in this situation. I could get into the nitty gritty now, but WBB’s 2-4 member readership is typically well-read and the type that keeps abreast of the news, so I’ll just put in a plug for this handy video that the WGA created to describe why they’re striking, which you can see here:

I’ve been getting most of my updates on the strike from these sites/blogs:

Anyway, it looks like this thing might go on for a while, which obviously sucks for someone—like myself—who considers TV equivalent to a major food group. By January, most of my favorite primetime scripted shows will be out of episodes, and I’ll have to find something else to do to fill my time. Any suggestions for a new hobby?


Rob said...

Cooking, mayhap? Cleaning?

Loree said...

Nice try, hausfrau.

Anonymous said...

You could grow an indoor herb garden.

Brenner said...

More blogging? Tracking down Kristen Bell and/or Larry Dobrow in person?
(PS, I like the use of the word "mayhap" -- go Bricken!)

Mommy Bits said...

Did you hear what Letterman is doing? Even though they have to fire everyone during the strike, he is going to pay all their salaries, through Christmas, with his own money.

He rocks!

The Kentucky Lantern said...

How sweet is it when writers can make the world stop revolving, spinning slowly down to die (extra points if you know the song reference)?

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