Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nonsense In The New Year

It's the first day back from an all-too-short break, so maybe I'm just pre-disposed to being the tiniest bit slow and grumpy. That being said, I've been staring at this story for about five minutes, and I still don't get the point. The gist, for those of you too lazy to click through (and that's pretty frickin' lazy, by the way): Fast food worker finds check for $185,000, fast food worker returns check to relative of person check was written to, fast food worker gets lauded for not trying something really shady instead.

So... basically, we should all be really impressed if someone that's poor shows common sense? That seems kind of insulting. It's not like this was an envelope with a marginal amount of cash in it; it was a check written for $185,000! If he'd tried to cash it, we'd all be reading a story about the idiot that tried to cash a $185k check that was written out to someone else. So, you know, I'm just saying... I know we have some class issues in this country, but hopefully we can all agree that some--even, gasp, most--of the people flipping burgers at Mickey D's are not total degenerates out to make a buck the sketchiest way possible. If they were, they'd probably be knocking off banks instead of serving up those delicious, delicious fries, right?

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Brenner said...

Thank you for defending my honor. I actually did try to cash it first, but when that didn't work, I figured I'd just return it. The whole article is condescending -- he knew it could pay his rent and other bills for a long time? Wow, guy like that figured that out by himself?
xoxo, Reggie

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