Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Long time no blog, people.

So, I went shopping over the weekend to get some summer shirts. One of my stops was New York & Company, which I like because of the plentiful sales and coupons.

Anyway, when I walked in a sign on one of the walls caught my eye. "Eco Couture" it said. I thought, "oh wow, green fashion at a reasonable price." Of course, I was expecting the clothing to be made out of recycled fabrics or bamboo or something crazy, but not so much. At New York & Company, "Eco Couture" means "inspired" by the world we live in. The description said something like green fabrics and leaf patterns that are a tribute to our planet.


It could be the lamest ploy to exploit the green movement I've seen yet. I almost walked out, until I saw the 50% off rack and realized that I had a 30% off coupon to go on top of that. I have principles, but it's a recession people!

What kind of absurd examples of greenwashing have you seen lately, besides any ad from a oil company about how "innovative" it is?

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brenner said...

Funny post. I know I've seen other companies doing this, too, but can't remember the offenders.

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