Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vote for you next WBB regular feature than never reoccurs

Your WBB Chefs spent a glorious day learning about all the possibilities we have to make your favorite once-a-month-I'm-crazy-bored-oh-yeah-let's-look-at-this stop more fun. Of course, we realize that we have neither the ambition nor the time to make any of these ideas come to life, so we're giving you some options. What would you like to see as the next reoccurring WBB feature that never reoccurs? Here are a few we've pondered today:

1. We'll hold a contest and secret giveaway of Loree's husband Rob's action figure collection. He'd never even notice, and you will benefit by getting a potential collectible for your lovely home...or maybe some Hulk smash hands.

2. We'll actually review burgers every now and then--as our name suggests we should. Posts will be much like our famous post about the Baconator that still gets lots of hits. A Fatburger is going in at the end of my street. I feel this is an omen.

3. We'll create a podcast. We'll convince Sean to be our West Coast correspondent. We'll ramble for a while. We'll hate the sound of our voices on audio, and pretend it never happened.

That's all I've got.


Rob said...

I would too totally notice. But since Hasbro sent me two pairs of Hulk Hands, I can probably donate one set.

Loree said...

I feel like number one would best support the controversial (but totally important) "One Toy In, One Toy Out" initiative in the Stark-Bricken home.

brenner said...

I'd be honored to be your West Coast correspondent if that idea stays in the running! Maybe you could combine 3 with 2 and do podcasts about burgers.
But they all sound like groovy ideas.

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