Friday, June 27, 2008

Zoo Zoo Zoo!

I took a vacation day today, so Jon and I took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. I love the zoo. It brings out the kid in me every time. AND, Jon decided to get us a membership this time, so now we have no excuse not to go ALL the time.

But anyway, here are some of the highlights of our zoo trip (in my opinion):
  • Giraffe Ridge! It's open and features 5 adorable 2-year-old giraffes that are too shy to feed, but should be eating out of our hands (so says every zoo worker's t-shirt) by the end of the summer. It's going to be crazy.
  • Woman with child -- who was clearly too old and independent to be on a leash -- on a leash. She wouldn't even let him hold his own snow cone. She spoon fed him. I think he was 4. To each her own, I suppose.
  • The elephants are back! At least the Asian elephants. My last trip ended with disappointment when I realized the elephants weren't around. Elephants have been my favorite since I was a kid.
  • Speaking of kids, Jon got ice cream all over himself like a 3 year old. He was covered in sticky swirl soft serve and sprinkles. It was amazing.
  • The cat house smells terrible. We were thoroughly traumatized.
  • A zoo keeper was walking one of the bearcats. It was a fun sight to see.
  • We watched a wild birds show. Clearly wasn't geared to our age group, but it was fun and informative nonetheless. I enjoy how they explain why it's important to take care of the environment to small children. The zookeepers are really good at making it relevant for them.
So, if you haven't been to the zoo lately, you should go. I'm sure it wouldn't take much convincing to get me to go with you.

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Melissa S. said...

Hmm.. I just took 60 children to the Knoxville Zoo. It was a 2 hr. ride on an unairconditioned school bus. Also, one of the children in my small group of 6 forgot his ADHD meds. Parents with thier well behaved suburban children kept trying to get away from my loud mouthed inner city kids....

I think I'd rather go with you....

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