Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dear writers of Law & Order....

Dear writers of Law & Order,

I came across two stories this week that seem primed for some good, old-fashioned, ripped-from-the-headlines action. Thought you'd want to know.

Loree Stark

P.S. Also, maybe once or twice when you get famous actors for an episode, you could consider NOT making them the bad guy? Just for the audience's sake, you know. When Rebecca De Mornay popped into view within the first five minutes of an SVU rerun last night, it kind of took the guesswork out of the rest of the episode.

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Anonymous said...

That Ted Turner story is one of the most insane things I've ever read. A desparate woman, a media mogul, and apparently a novelist with god-complex. "I made her whole"... Holy Crap!

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