Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm In The Mood To Gripe

So, about a million things piss me off about this story from The New York Times.

I don't begrudge this dude his need for privacy; I enjoy time by myself and have yet to totally lose my ability to function when my husband goes out of town. But this guy just seems like an asshole. He wants privacy, yes, but clearly his wife loves his company so much that he has to hatch a hare-brained (and expensive) scheme to indulge his wants. His genius idea: building a $20,000 cottage and hiding the purpose of the construction from his wife for a year, instead telling her that it's a shed for some of their extra stuff until it's done. And then, surprise! It wasn't to serve their joint purposes at all! It's just for him! What fun!



Greg said...

I thought for a minute this was about John McCain, until I read your second graph.

I kind of wonder about the reader interest of some retired professor in Arkansas being self-indulgent and building himself a cottage, but it's one of the most popular stories on the NYT website. Shows what I know.

Emily said...

I love the way he acts like his wife locking herself in the bathroom to read ever once in a while is the same as him building a $20,000 cottage in the backyard. Also, the way he brings up her shopping irks me too.

brenner said...

Hey, he has a point. I mean, doesn't everyone know the Finns are known for not speaking to their wives and building large freestanding structures outside of their main residences? It's in his DNA, Loree. Give the guy a break. Sheesh.

Hobocamp Crafts said...

the whole idea is hysterical- shit can't he be happy with an extra bedroom? I'd be happy with a sink big enough to wash my face in it. You just can't please some people for less than $20,000 these days.

Our first day in providence is hopefully in may. yes I will totally make you banana bread, cakes and the like- you can freeze them and then eat them at your leisure!

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