Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adventures In Blogging

So, I've done a pretty good job about keeping my personal blogging stuff on my MySpace blog, while directing my comments on pop culture, politics (clearly more Laura's domain), etc., on WBB. The strategy is two-fold: One, I want to keep my head on straight, and two, I'm not sure that WBB readers want to come here just to read that I've been recently sobbing over Felicity re-runs. (One exception, of course, was the great non-resolution resolution post of Jan. 2008).

Anyway, I'm sick of my MySpace blog, mostly because it's really ugly, and despite the fact that I wear sweats most days of the week, I'm really into aesthetics.

I think my solution is tumblr, which I've been tooling around all week to see if it'll work for me. It's pretty--its simple, clean functionality reminds me of Mac design--and it's perfect for short, quick thoughts. Sometimes, when I open Blogger or my MySpace blog, I feel compelled to create a post with, like, a thesis statement.

Tumblr isn't that new--it's been around for about a year, but I only started hearing and reading about it in the past few months. Sidenote: You know how when something new and exciting comes out--like the iPod--and then you get really excited and get one because it's new and pretty and awesome and screw everyone else and that price tag, you're on the pulse of new, exciting things! Then, later on down the road, someone you know that's totally not with it gets one, too, and you're like, "Crap, this trend is over." Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm that person. I apologize to the man that created Tumblr that, if by my creating a blog on his network is the first sure sign of the inevitable backlash to ensue.

Anyway, the only thing I don't love about tumblr is the lack of a built-in commenting function. I had to use my very limited html skills to post a commenting code I found on the internet into my tumblr code, and I think it messes with the cool design. I'll keep looking for a new solution. In the meantime, tell me what you think....

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