Monday, February 11, 2008

My Star Burger Makes The List

Laura's favorite burger to hate on, The Baconater, made Consumerist's list of the "5 Most Butt-Blimping Fast Food Burgers." Despite all the hatred being heaped on this luscious pile of meat, I still contend that The Baconater is delicious fare. I have not, however, eaten The Baconater in six-plus months as I have no interest in attaining double-wide size status.


brenner said...

Congratulations on making the list. Is it true that photo you used shows only half of a Baconator because Blogger has limits on the number of calories per page?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that the baconator is actually the healthiest of the butt-blimping options. That's just incredible.

brenner said...

Also incredible is this other story in Men's Health, via Consumerist, on the unhealthiest food in America. 2,900 calories! That's more than 2 Baconators, even though it's all vegetables and dairy (wink)!

Anyone tried this tasty dish yet? That article is like a dare!

Loree said...

Hells yeah, I've totally eaten that app. I've "shared" it with Rob, and by share, of course I mean that I ate a minimum of 75 percent of the dish. I knew it was crazy fatty, but I had no idea that many calories were packed into it.

Anonymous said...

My world is rocked. I love that appetizer... I can almost taste it. This is more devastating than the Chipotle calculator.

Greg said...

Aussie Cheese Fries. Highly recommended with a pint of Foster's. I had no idea that was "the worst food on Earth."

And sorry, I would never eat anything that is called the "Quad Stacker."

brenner said...

That's hilarious you've all eaten the world's unhealthiest food.
The quad stacker sounds like some kind of weightlifting, doesn't it? (As in, "Oh man, my legs are killing me! I just did 10 reps on the quad stacker.")
Sounds healthy to me!

Mommy Bits said...

Just looking at the picture gives me an upset stomach.... Yikes.

Walter said...

The first Baconator i ever got tasted like salt. I didn't come close to finishing it. I think for their next big thing, Wendy's should release the Baconator 2. It will just be a salt lick. no bun or anything. Nobody will notice.

{Voice of Don LaFontaine} "In a world of uncertainty and doubt..."
-cut to shot of facepalming man-
{V o Don} "One girl..."
-shot of red hair-
{V o Don} "With only the ghost of her father to guide her..."
{V o Don} "Was willing to go to as far as it took...


{Fat Man 1} "I LOVE BACON!"
[licks salt block]
{Fat Woman 1} "Thanks Wendy's!"
[licks salt block]
{Fat Kid 1} "Soooo much baaacooon!!"
[licks salt block]

{V o Don} "Wendy's Baconator TWO.
It's the only thing you want."

[deer licks salt block]

Loree said...

Walter, I think you have a future in advertising. Or product development involving salt blocks.

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