Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Mitt

With the VP selection process heating up, and many signs pointing our favorite perfectly coiffed Mormon for the Republican nomination -- I thought I'd share a great synopsis of my feelings for the dear ol' varMitt:

From Matthew Yglesias with The Atlantic:
He wound up losing because, basically, people find him loathesome. Some find him loathesome because of his religion, some because of his flip-flopping, and others just because he's loathesome. But whatever the reason, people just really don't like Mitt Romney. Putting him on the ticket seems like an obvious recipe for disaster, but a potential boon to progressive bloggers who are really in need of a mockable choice.
So, please, John McCain -- pick Mitt Romney -- for the sake of my blogging mojo!


Andi said...

I was delight sitting next to you!

I'll let you know if I turn up any genealogical info on Joe Torres.

See you next time!

brenner said...

He wouldn't, would he? said...

I really hope I'm posting this right...


Mitt Romney scares the F-U-C-K out of me. Crazy bastard.

LOL And it's not JUST the mormonism.

It's mostly the botox and the hairdo.

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