Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Veep Veep!

The possible VP nominee guessing game is a fun one for sure. While I'm still hoping that the GOP will choose Mitt Romney so that WBB may reclaim some of its past political blogging glory, I'm salivating at all the bad puns that would come from a Tim Pawlenty nomination.

I admittedly know nothing about the Governor of Minnesota. However, I long to see cheesy campaign bumper stickers that say "Welcome to the land of Pawlenty" and other obnoxious variations. So in the absence of Mitt, I'm pro Pawlenty.

1 comment:

brenner said...

If he picked the senator from Indiana, we could wait until the end of the election and say "(Buh) Bayh, McCain."

Super lame. But I had to.

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