Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

A while back, people were giving me a hard time because I hadn't chosen between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. I've had a little bit more time than most to make a decision because the Kentucky primary isn't until next week. So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and surprisingly, I've actually come to my final decision based on things that have happened on the campaign trail during the last few weeks.

Considering the experience we've had over the last 8 years with dear ol' Bushie, there are certain things I've come to demand from a president:
  1. The ability to know when it's time to devise and exit strategy; and,
  2. The ability to manage and balance a budget
So, I'm voting for Barack Obama.

I was seriously leaning Hillary for a long time, and thought on many occasions that I'd go ahead and write my "endorsement post" for her. But then she proposed that Gas Tax holiday and I got confused... and it was all down hill from there. Nothing adds up anymore.

And for the record, I only speak for one half of the WBB team.


brenner said...

Amazing -- I'm guessing John Edwards must have read your post before he made his announcement this afternoon. Way to go!

PS, good choice.

Loree said...

I think some/most of the readers know I'm planning on voting for Hils as long as she stays on the ballot. That said, I'll concede she's quite a long shot at this point for the nomination.

Honestly, though, I like Obama as well. (I'm certainly not one of those people who'll go McCain if my candidate doesn't get the nomination). It's a good year when you have two decent candidates to choose from. I'm ready to support whomever we choose.

Greg said...

I thought you would throw your support behind the Mitt.

But I'm probably going to vote for Obama in the upcoming primary, and vote for the Democratic candidate in the general election.

And has McCain gotten some Botox lately? I saw him on TV the other night and he looked about 10 years younger.

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