Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is a great article about my latest obsession, "The Paper." I've even Facebook-friended Amanda "In Chief" Lorber, who's pretty much my favorite reality TV persona ever.

There are only two episodes left. You can catch up on all the episodes online at, which is how I've been watching 'em. (It's on way past my bedtime.)


Amy in Ohio said...

Had to post to shout hello to a fellow Paper lover!

Amy in Ohio said...

Late to the dance, but how did you like the ending? Take that Alex you douche bag. (and I'm not a person who uses the term douche bag)

Loree said...

Dude, I hope Alex feels like a total asshat now that he's seen all the episodes. Amanda's clearly superior. She totally schooled him in that last scene at the park.

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