Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In many ways, I'm not stereotypically "woman-y." I'm a slob. I hate cleaning. Cooking, to me, is popping a Lean Cuisine in the microwave. I famously (among friends and family, anyway) stood stone-faced at my wedding as my sweet and sensitive husband wept like a 12-year-old girl.

But, on the other hand, I think I'm still sort of traditionally feminine when it comes to things like manners and etiquette. I've never considered myself "ladylike" (that would involve learning how to not sit Indian-style in a chair), but I like the idea of being thoughtful and gracious, even if I can't always get it right in execution.

So, I'm digging this post on Jezebel about redefining what it means to be a "lady."

The post, which starts of referencing an article in today's "Times of London" about how gentlemen are a dying breed, takes the article's thoughts on how to be a modern gentleman and, with a few points of contention, translates it for women. Here's what Jezebel came up with:

1. Say please and thank you and ask questions about other people rather than talk about yourself.

2. Be punctual

3. Be environmentally aware

4. Open doors for people. If a man opens a door for you, be sure to thank him. If he doesn't, open the door for him and smile brightly. He will feel like a cad.

5. Be modest. And if someone compliments you, take it well: With a smile and a thank you.

6. Be a good mother by being good to yourself? (I'm open to a new #6.)

7. Be honest about wherever you have come from in life and treat royalty and maids the same: politely.

8. Flirt - with everyone. Flirting is polite. It's also stress-reducing to chit chat about the weather or tell your cashier that you love her nails. Let it out!

9. Do not phone/text/check your BlackBerry incessantly

10. Dress tidily. Ladylike no longer means skirts and gloves, but when you have respect for yourself, others will respect you.

I'm a big fan of No. 2 (lateness is a serious pet peeve of mine), and although I have loads of clothes I love, I'm pretty sure I'll never get No. 10 right all the time. I'm too in love with my hoodies. Which ones do you like/think are a load of crap?

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Melissa S. said...

I don't think you nessecearily have to be a "mother" to be good to yourself. I find it's a service to mankind if I take care of myself, because I'm refreshed and ready to help other people if I feel I've had some "me" time. Life is a demanding and I can always find someone else to take care of instead of me, so I don't believe it just applies to mothers.

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