Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wanted: Charlie Sheen's Sperm

I'm baffled by the attention this whole faux scandal involving Denise Richards' "alleged" asking for Charlie Sheen's sperm donation. Denise says she sent no email to Charlie's fiancee asking for the sperm. Charlie issues a statement saying she did. Who really cares?

She was on Larry King Live, The View and the entire morning show circuit discussing this. Have we nothing more interesting to talk about?

And, I had no idea Denise Richards was 37. I thought she was early 30s at the oldest.

On to more pressing matters.

1 comment:

ShannanB said...

I do not like Denise Richards. The biggest mistake ever made was putting her in a James Bond Film. Talk about awful. Christmas Jones? Bahhh Hum bug

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