Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate it when Twitter crashes.

That would be a tweet if Twitter wasn't completely out of commission right now.

For those of you that don't have a Twitter account, you need to sign up ASAP. It's way fun. My new social media obsession.


Loree said...

I like Twitter more than I thought I would, although I still kind of think that it's just one more website for me to get on and do the same kind of thing I'm already doing elsewhere.

It does have interesting applications, though, and I find myself logging on more and more every day. I think I would probably get more out of it if I were more willing to start randomly chatting with strangers. A social obstacle I have yet to overcome....

Anonymous said...

I only knew three people on there when I signed in, but I knew of a bunch of other people and I've built out from there. I'm pretty fascinated by the process of building social networks on there. I find so much interesting information.

Loree said...

Yeah, I've added people who have randomly added me, but I'm not really interacting with them.

It seems that it mostly attracts a certain segment of the population... people that are already really interested in social networking, blogging, online marketing applications, etc. (Admittedly, I somewhat fall into that category.)

I think if and when it connects with a more mainstream audience, I'll be more swayed by its awesomeness. Would love to see more people on there exchanging quick thoughts about music, movies, current issues, etc. It seems like a lot of the 15-some-odd people I'm connected with are talking about twitter, blogging, working on websites etc., plus sprinkling in the random personal update.

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