Monday, May 12, 2008

Give thanks for the local news

So, I know we've talked a lot over the past months about amazing things popping up on the local news channels with help from you, faithful readers. We've heard tales from sea to shining sea of local news stations leaving us in awe of their... ahem ... skills.

Well today, I have a special local news item to bring to this discussion. From WOIO in Cleveland, here's an amazing tale of deep, meaningful relationships. It speaks to the need in each of us to be loved. It speaks to the lengths some people will go to for companionship. It's about people who date dolls. Yes, my friends, from WOIO in Cleveland, in their own words, I bring you "Doll Dates."

The station describes this journalistic endeavor in the only way it could, I suppose:

"It's one of the strangest stories 19 Action News has ever told, and only one station would ever attempt to tell it."

Now, if I were a news station, which I admittedly am not, and there was a story I would desperately want to tell, I don't know if this would be it exactly. I mean, the housing and credit crises are pretty complex -- would require a significant effort. Or, how gas prices are formulated -- that would be a tough story to attempt.

But why be so boring, when we can delve into the lives of people who take life-sized dolls to meet their parents after dating for a while? WOIO, I guess you win. I really want to see the poor sap who got roped into being interviewed for this story. His mother must be so proud.

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brenner said...

What's next? Blow-up dolls reading the news on your local TV stations? Oh, wait a sec...

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