Monday, March 12, 2007

Dick Cheney Resignation Watch

So, as you've probably heard, speculation that Dick Cheney is going to resign as early as this week is floating around. And while that sounds just dandy to me, I'll believe it when I see it. Many reports say the blood clot in his leg will force him out--because the country deserves a healthy VP or something lofty and patriotic sounding. (We deserve a human VP too, but I digress) My favorite of the flying rumors though is that Cheney is going to resign so Condoleezza Rice can take the Vice President slot and give the Republicans a chance to win in 2008. There's even a book about it!

My favorite exerpt from the online description:

In Condi vs. Hillary, he (author Dick Morris) reveals how Hillary Clinton has nurtured presidential ambitions for decades, and describes how years ago Hillary enlisted him to take secret polls on her behalf. He reveals what Bill Clinton really thinks of a potential President Hillary, and speculates on the agendas she would further in her campaign. And he contrasts Hillary's record with that of Condoleezza Rice, whom he calls "America's Margaret Thatcher" and whose presidency, he says, would enrage the liberal establishment and "shatter all the glass ceilings in America."

As Morris warns, the next president of the United States must choose between furthering the steady course set by George W. Bush, or backsliding into the corrupt vulnerability of the Clinton years.

While I love the Hillary/Condi speculation, I think Cheney's master plan is to resign, move to Dubai with his beloved Halliburton, and build an Orc army to take over the world. But that's just my humble opinion.

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Leah said...

I would be shocked if he were to resign. His own personal legacy is that of the most powerful VP in U.S. history. (Powerful in the worst way, of course). To resign early would be to forfeit his legacy.

With that said, the whole administration and the people they've placed in various depts. and agencies are starting to combust. So who knows what could happened next?

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