Friday, March 9, 2007

Lennie Briscoe, We STILL Love You!

Thanks to NKYGal for bringing this to our attention on her kick-ass blog:

Jerry Orbach's wife has been trying to get a NYC street named after her late husband, and our favorite Law & Order actor of all time. Loree and I blogged frequently about Jerry aka Lennie Briscoe on our first blog outing Precinct27. We even swore we each were going to buy a print of this lovely piece of artwork, titled Lennie Grabs a Dog.

I for one think my first born will be named Lennie, especially if my first born is a girl. I knew a female Lennie in grad school. She was very cool. I believe it was short for Lenora.


Loree said...

I still want to buy "Lennie Grabs a Dog." That would be an elegant element to any living room.

NKYGAL said...

OMG... I just thought of something.... Lennie is what you should name your Palm Pilot!

Thanks for mentioning my blog! I actually thought about you two when I read the article about Jerry.

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