Monday, March 12, 2007

Law & Order: Executive Branch

My undying love for Law & Order may not be enough to make me switch political parties, but I was mildly delighted to read this morning that actor Fred Dalton Thompson (District Attorney Arthur Branch in the L&O-verse) is contemplating a White House run.

A quick run-through of where Thompson—a former Republican senator from Tennessee—stands on a variety of issues confirmed that we agree… on nothing. But, should he become the Republican candidate for the presidency, the smear tactics sure to come could be entertaining. Just wait until the Democrats play up the fact that Arthur Branch fired ADA Serena Southerlyn—just because she was a lesbian.


Anonymous said...

What I love about this is that when I read the quotes in the story, I hear him saying it... L&O style in the Tennessee accent. Excellent!

Greg said...

He once dated or was married to country singer Lorrie Morgan. He also had my favorite role in the racing classic Days of Thunder as "Big John," based on Bill France, the president of NASCAR. If you remember, he held the peace summit between rival drivers Cole Trickle and Rowdy Burns before they raced each other to dinner in Daytona Beach.

Or you probably don't remember it.

I'm sure I'm getting the facts all wrong, but he's probably fairly qualified at a run for office. I think he was a speechwriter for Nixon (along with Ben Stein), and then he went into a fairly prolific acting career before he became the senator from Tennessee. I did lose some respect for him when he introduced W at the 2004 convention with a glowing speech about all the great shit he has done in office though.

NKYGAL said...

Let us not forget that he was also Bill Bilecki in my all time favorite B-movie - FEDS!!

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