Thursday, March 8, 2007

Reading Larry Dobrow

I continue to heart Larry Dobrow. The intro to today's review of Hallmark Magazine:

I don't go to industry functions because one, I never get invited anywhere and two, I generally dislike other people. But when the opportunity to attend a lightly-appetizered preview of the upcoming "Larry Sanders Show" DVD presented itself last night, I took the party pants out of cold storage and girded myself for some painful social interaction.

And farther down into the actual review....

Even its live-happier tips transcend the trappings of the genre. Ordinarily, I'd no sooner read a story sub-headlined "15 ways to rediscover what makes you laugh, sing, dance, feel, believe - and be gloriously yourself" than bury a swizzle stick deep in my ear canal, but the feature offers a trio of well-observed, non-maudlin essays about faith, exercise and journal writing. The mag also relates a handful of DIY-themed tales, like one about a woman who built her town's library from scratch, that somehow manage not to scream WE SHALL INSPIRE YOU! DON'T FIGHT IT, BITCH.
Despite the fact that I have a sad feeling that none of our readers have the affinity for Larry that I have, I may just make this a regular feature. Now, I just need to find a picture of him that I can Photoshop a creepy little heart around so I can have a proper logo. Ten bucks says that Larry Dobrow files a restraining order against me in the next six months.


Robert said...

Should I be worried?

Loree said...

CYBER crush, honey. CYBER crush. Our avatars might mate, but nothing else.

leah said...

I found his picture (slow Friday). Enjoy.

Loree said...

Yay! Despite my husband's silly concerns, it's time for logo-making to commence. Thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is going to be great. I can't wait until we have Larry Dobrow posts with a logo!

Amanda said...

Crap, I was going to send you his pic, but leah beat me to it. Foiled again! Can't wait for the logo:)

Anonymous said...

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