Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Remembering Book It!

When I was a nerdy third-grader with frizzy hair and a bit of a lazy eye problem, I could use all the help I could get. Lucky for me, there was Book It!, Pizza Hut’s program that rewards young readers with free pizza.

I loved (still do) to read, so I got mad pizza. Granted, it didn’t make me any more popular (still hasn’t), but Book It! was pretty awesome because it made me feel like someone else besides my mom though t it was cool that I liked to read. Plus, the pizza was tasty and I remember getting a big-ass purple Book It! button and stickers when I read extra books.

Anyway, I’m generally for taking measures to make sure kids have healthier eating options, including taking junk food and soda out of schools, but I was sad to read that an organization is criticizing the program and calling for its end. It seems like Book It! has been successful, and a good incentive to get kids reading. A solution that might (but probably won’t) make everyone happy? Instead of giving kids a voucher for a free personal pan pizza, give them a voucher that’s redeemable for one of several items on the Pizza Hut menu, including one or two healthier options.


NKYGAL said...

I loved BookIt as a child. I come from a very small town in Iowa and I can remember the program being promoted by my teachers. How sad. People can find a reason to pick about just about anything. I have news for them.... Kids eat pizza and it is up to the parents to ensure they do so in moderation.

Emily said...

I read this story too and it also made me sad. I absolutely loved Book It! when I was a kid and while I spent a good portion of my time reading even when there wasn't free pizza involved, the program seemed to make the other kids want to read too. I too am for kids cutting back on junk food and eating better and I'm even trying to work on my own eating habits so I'm not a total hypocrite around Brody. However, isn't moderation an important key to a balanced diet, so shouldn't we be teaching our kids that an occasional treat, like pizza, is okay as long as it's done in moderation along with exercise? With all the problems in the world right now, is Book It! really something we need to spend time arguing about?

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