Friday, January 4, 2008

Another celebrity endorsement news break

After Huckabee and Obama's impressive showing in the Iowa caucus, I think the importance of the celebrity endorsement is clear. Whether you've got Oprah or The Holy Ranger of Kick Ass, you've gotta have somebody. So, here are some more important endorsements, or "game changers" as I like to call them:
  • Let's start with my favorite, Dennis Kucinich: Larry Flynt and Willie Nelson. Let the good times roll!
  • Huckabee: In addition to Chuck Norris, he's got Ric Flair (Proving that a Huckabee administration will be tough on crime)
  • Hillary Clinton: Maya Angelou (love her) has been a vocal supporter. And, she's got Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennett. And, don't forget Speilberg and Rob Reiner.
  • Barack Obama: Oprah -- does anyone else matter? Anyway, if you count the celebrities that showed for an Oprah fundraiser, Obama also has Will Smith, Halle Berry and Stevie Wonder in his corner. But the Obama endorsement that matters most to me: George Clooney. (Hey George, when you're in the Cincinnati area next time, look me up.)
  • John Edwards: I despise Edwards, but he has the Kevin Bacon endorsement. Now if he can tap into those 6 degrees. The John Mellencamp endorsement isn't bad either.
  • Bill Richardson has the man from the West Wing, one Martin Sheen.
  • Rudy Guiliani: He's got the Adam Sandler vote. Yet another sign that his campaign is going to implode, as it is, shall I say, a joke. He's also got Bo Derek and Dennis Miller.
  • Fred Thompson has PAT SAJAK people! PAT SAJAK!
  • Nobody likes Mitt Romney that I can tell. I hope it stays that way.
  • Chris Dodd and Joe Biden -- dropped out. Clearly their endorsements didn't matter.
Now, I can't ensure the accuracy of this list by any means, but this is what my super sleuthing has indicated to date. Let me know if you've got any additions. Anyone know of a Ron Paul endorsement?

(Picture taken from Radar)


Your escalator operator said...

Makes you think about which celebrity endorsements you'd rather not have. If I'm Rudy Giuliani, I'm asking Bo to keep a lid on it.
Wonder if MC Hammer is backing anyone yet.

Mommy Bits said...

Thanks for bringing all the endorsements together in one list. This will def. help me make my decsion and it will be a tough one judging by your list. While my heart says Hilary, seeing that the Baconator is endorsing Edwards is going to have me thinking twice......

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