Sunday, January 27, 2008

My vote to Harrison Ford

I've mentioned the random weekend movies on FOX before. Well, today we had a goodie. Harrison Ford as POTUS, saving his family and many hostages in Air Force One.

As I watch America's best looking fictional president do us proud, I think of how our current presidential candidates are, well, wussy Yale-educated political pansies who fight with each other like first graders.

I'm so sick of all of them, especially the Clintons and I'm-so-sweet-and-innocent-cough-cough Obama. People keep asking me who I'm picking in the primary. I'm just not picking. I'm disgusted with both Hillary and Obama. Both campaigns are the opposite of presidential, and they've both made me think less of my options. In fact, it's made me upset that Kucinich has dropped out, because he really would have gotten my vote at this point.

So, bring on Harrison Ford. He gets my vote.


brenner said...

Could you deal with Ally McBeal as first lady?

Greg said...

"Get off my plane!"

Anonymous said...

Ally McBeal would probably fire the White House Chef and make people pay a tax if they eat more than 400 calories a day. Maybe I should rethink this?

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