Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Television

As someone who experiences pretty much the smallest range of emotion possible, it's pretty rare that I express... giddiness. But I am giddy! Ecstatic! I may actually be smiling right now! (Well, don't bet on that last one, but hey, anything's possible.)

I'm happy, because after enduring a TV season that has all but totally petered out due to the writer's strike, one of my favorite shows is on the air again. Last year, I was silently cursing ABC and the creators of "Lost" for choosing to wait to debut their season until the winter, but now... oh now, I'm so, so, so very happy.

Losties should prepare for tonight's episode by reading up on The 24 Biggest Assholes On Lost, on Bricken's blog,


Greg said...

Have you watched Breaking Bad? I watched it On Demand last night, and it was fascinating. It had a kind of a Fargo feel to it.

It's about a high school Chemistry teacher and part-time worker at a car wash who learns he has inoperable lung cancer, even though he's never smoked in his life. He decides to go into business with one of his former students and start cooking crystal meth.

Loree said...

I haven't, although I've heard good things about it. It's kind of amazing that AMC has gotten onto the quality cable drama bandwagon, ala TNT. I think I have it available On Demand, too. I'll have to check it out.

Greg said...

It's no Mad Men...and the previews made it look like a reality show to me.

But it's decent, and it's another show for me to pass the time while the strike is going on. I don't watch Lost, so I'm barely getting by watching new episodes of Psych (which is all right, even though it's a bit over the top) and catching up on reruns of House. And Friday Night Lights, of course, until those episodes run out.

Loree said...


Greg said...

I don't have freakin' HBO. I work at a newspaper, remember.

I am going to watch the rest of that first season eventually, and then I'll decide whether to proceed.

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