Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A cool Web site

Today, thanks to my friend Shannanb at Mommybits, I discovered a really cool Web site.

BigThink is a Web site that shares "big" ideas. The basic concept for the site is pretty cool. It's based on the premise that that media is broken -- distilling major issues into episodic stories with little context, littered with sound bites. The site asks its visitors to ask and discuss the bigger questions that we never see discussed in the media with any depth or insight. It contains a laundry list of experts giving their take through short videos on a range of issues, from Arts & Culture to Science & Technology to National & International news.

The experts are pretty impressive too. Here's a sample:
  • Dan Glickman, President of the Motion Picture Association of America, talking about Film and the American Experience
  • Tom Freston, Former President & CEO of Viacom, talking about The Income Gap
  • Jon Meacham, Editor at Newsweek, talking about the state of the American Media Today
  • Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court Justice, talking about how the Supreme Court's decisions affect us.
Mitt Romney is even on here talking about how Iraqis view America. I wouldn't watch that one though, if I were you. You know hearing Mitt Romney speak rots your brain over time, right? I don't know why Huckabee doesn't send Chuck Norris and Ric Flair to take care of that little problem.

Anyway, I digress. You should check this site out. It's an interesting way to join a conversation on topics you don't get to discuss in public often...because you're a big nerd, like me.

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Jonathan said...

so if i think this site is awesome then i'm a big nerd? well so be it

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