Thursday, January 17, 2008

Your Mitt Romney Quote of the Day

“I’m playing to get the nomination. I’m not looking for gold stars on my forehead like I was in first grade,” said Romney. “I’m looking to rack up the delegates I need to win the nomination.”

--Mitt Romney on why he's giving up on South Carolina and moving on to Nevada, as quoted on Politico.

Here's my question? Did anyone ever put gold stars on your forehead as a child? Did you rack up a bunch? Is this some weird space alien Mormon tradition? Someone explain this to me.


brenner said...

Gold ink from the stickers leaked into his brain and crippled his brain, causing him to:
1) make very stupid comments about his early childhood, and
2) run for president despite being a moron

Unrelated note: It occurs to me that even with a blog of my own, I'm still posting way too many comments on WBB. Oh well.

Greg said...

That's about the only truthful and honest quote that I've seen come from the lips of Mitt Romney. He's just trying to play the game. Bush and Rove played the game and they won twice (err...once). And that's what Mitt's doing.

"Don't hate the playa, hate the game." (But I guess you can hate the playa in this instance.)

Jonathan said...

apparently Mitt fancied himself as a little Cinderella as a child
Little Gold Star A Spanish American Cinderella Tale

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