Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More on my favorite bottom feeder

Since Loree is out on a lengthy business trip in Vegas working (or that's what she says) 15 hours a day, I get to run amok on the blog and further my agenda of convincing the world that Mitt Romney is the Mormon devil.

So here's more proof that Mitt Romney is a liar and idiot. We've got the video above showing how he blatantly lied about his attack ads against my favorite crotchety old Republican, John McCain. And we've got this wonderful Annenberg Political Factcheck piece about his absurd hyperbole in a recent ad.

I really can't figure out why so many people like this guy, so I will soldier on, mocking him at every opportunity


Greg said...

Mitt Romney's popularity can be attributed the same state and reason why Marie Osmond lasted so long on Dancing With The Stars (aside from Massachusetts).

Romney just screams fake. I'm surprised no one has made the same Botox jokes about him that they did about Kerry. And why would somebody want to go by the name "Mitt" anyway. Dude should use his real first name. We will have an alien president before we have one named Mitt.

Taylor said...

So many people don't like him!! It was just the idiot pundits and pollsters that talked him up all last year. But he lost in Iowa and New Hampshire, so if Michigan would just tell him to shove it, we might be okay. Who knows though since his daddy was governor and Americans apparently love all that.

(Second post in a week, see that Loreos!)

Mommy Bits said...

How can you not love Mitt - I mean the entertainment value alone.....

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